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January 10, 2020
'What to Do When Consent Doesn’t Work under CCPA' - IAPP

'What to Do When Consent Doesn’t Work under CCPA'

In addition to other benefits, the California Consumer Privacy Act enhances privacy for individuals when data uses cannot be adequately served using consent alone. The CCPA provides incentives for companies to implement safeguards that reduce data privacy risk from even occurring in the first place. Under the CCPA, this can be accomplished by leveraging new technically enforced, risk-based deidentification controls. Join the IAPP Jan. 16 for this sponsored web conference to learn about the benefits and requirements for non-consent processing through deidentification. Speakers for the web conference include Anonos CEO Gary LaFever, Wirewheel CEO Justin Antonipillai, Ciitizen Chief Compliance Officer Deven McGraw and University of Ottawa CHEO Research Institute Professor Khaled El Emam.
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