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May 9, 2023
Anonos Announced as Founding Member of Informatica's Groundbreaking ISV Partner Program – ISV Innovate
NEW YORK CITY and LAS VEGAS, May 9, 2023 - Anonos, a global innovator in data privacy, security, and enablement, was recognized as a founding member of Informatica's next-generation ISV partner program, ISV Innovate, which was announced at Informatica World yesterday. Informatica World attendees can visit Anonos booth G5 to see a live demonstration of Variant Twins technology and learn more about the benefits of proactive data protection.

Anonos provides IDMC customers with an end-to-end, multi-mode data protection solution that ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Anonos' software integrates with IDMC to generate immediately consumable high-utility data assets, called Variant Twins. Variant Twins protect data wherever it flows to control what level of identifying information is revealed, to whom, and for what purposes, even in untrusted environments.
Integrating the DevOps 'Shift Left' method to expedite product delivery with a privacy focus enables businesses to implement advanced privacy controls from the start," said Stewart Bond, Research VP at IDC, specializing in data intelligence and integration software research. "Anonos has an innovative and patented Variant Twin technology solution that brings a 'Shift Left' approach to privacy in DataOps, proactively securing data wherever it travels, which is essential for controlling data privacy risk in cloud migration and data sharing projects."
Anonos Variant Twins technology is a game-changer for data privacy, security, and enablement," said Gary LaFever, Co-CEO and General Counsel of Anonos. "We're excited to partner with Informatica to bring this innovative solution to IDMC customers to reduce delays, enhance data protection, and streamline operations."
During the panel discussion on May 9th at 12:30 pm PDT, Awah Teh from Capital One, Rik Tamm-Daniels and Ian Stahl from Informatica, and Gary LaFever from Anonos will discuss the importance of adopting the DevOps "Shift Left" concept to bring privacy to the forefront of digital transformation projects. By allowing data producers to provide pre-positioned, protected assets for immediate consumption by data consumers, Anonos Variant Twins technology enforces "Shift Left" principles to enable trusted data sharing while maintaining privacy. The speakers will share their experiences tackling the challenges of balancing innovation and privacy while streamlining data project approvals.
Data protection is a crucial component of cloud data management solutions," said Rik Tamm-Daniels, GVP Ecosystem Alliances and Technology at Informatica. "We're excited to highlight how Anonos Data Embassy complements Informatica's offerings to accelerate broad, compliant and frictionless data access in all cloud-native operations and data modernization projects."
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About Anonos
Anonos is an innovator in enterprise data privacy, security and enablement. Our globally patented, award-winning Variant Twins are immediately consumable high-quality data assets that protect data wherever it flows to fast-track cloud-native data sharing for Informatica customers. From testing through production, Variant Twins provide enterprises full-spectrum data protection for all of their use cases regardless of environment. Learn more by visiting or following us on LinkedIn.

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