Anonos BigPrivacy technology de-risks data to enable controlled sharing of data while still adhering to stringent privacy and security requirements. The data is protected for its entire life cycle while still being fully accurate and usable. Similar to the way that iTunes, Netflix and Spotify revolutionized digital media, BigPrivacy revolutionizes digital privacy to advance healthcare, business and commercial data uses to unlock the value of data - the full value of data.

You may have heard of Digital Rights Management or DRM. DRM uses technology to limit copies that you can make of music or movies you've purchased. BigPrivacy is like standing DRM on its head - instead of a company telling you what copies you can make of their data, it leverages data protection by default principals to enable a trusted enterprise on your behalf to control what copies and uses are made of your data. Instead of DRM - think of it as Privacy Rights Management or PRM. Privacy Rights Management technology that enforces privacy controls over who can make use of your data in a way that maximizes the value of the data without compromising privacy.

The benefit of infusing privacy and security into the data is that controlled sharing of highly personal and restricted data is made possible while protecting the privacy of individuals to minimize risks.

This is big - this is BigPrivacy!

Anonos BigPrivacy technology retains full value and utility of restricted/sensitive data to support authorized use cases, all while minimizing the risk of data misuse, abuse or compromise. We call this process "Anonosizing" data.

BigPrivacy Technology De-Risks Repurposing and Sharing of Restricted/Sensitive Data

  • To maximize the value of restricted/sensitive data, one must share and use that data for new purposes.
  • Nonintegrated approaches to data security and privacy leave significant gaps in protection because they serve very different purposes.
  • Managing liability risks from sharing and repurposing restricted/sensitive data requires fusing together data security and privacy.

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Trusted Advertising White Paper

November 2014

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NIST Comment Letter – De­-Identification of Personally Identifiable Information

May 2015

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NIST Comment Letter – De­-Identification of Personally Identifiable Information

November 2014


Anonos at the 8th International Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) Conference in Brussels Video Presentation

January 2015

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