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Learn Why 90% of data is illegal under the GDPR


Which of These Did You Do?

Data Protection Authorities are auditing “What did you do to transform pre-GDPR data so it is legal to continue to possess.

  • 1. RECONSENT using now GDPR compliant consent.
  • 2. Anonymize the data so it’s not relinkable to individuals.
  • 3. Delete the data.
  • 4. Transform the data to support a new legal basis.

The New Reality

Data Storage = Data Processing: Storing / possessing data in any form is regulated as “Processing”under the GDPR.

  • The GDPR Changed the Rules:

  • 1. Prior to the GDPR going into effect, you could collect data using general consent like that provided by a Cookie Wall.

  • 2. However, now data collected without complying with new GDPR requirements is ILLEGAL.

  • 3.There is NO grandfather or savings clause that enables you to continue to legally possess or store data collected in noncompliance with the GDPR.

Other Options Are Limiting


    Try to get specific unambiguous and voluntary consent – but must always have a non-consent legal basis if you want to use data from people who do not reconsent or in secondary processing like Analytics, AI and ML.

  • 2. anonymize

    Making the data unlinkable to individuals significantly degrades the utility of having the data.

  • 3. delete

    This is a “nuclear option” and eliminates all value of the data.

  • 4. transform

    Using encryption, hashing, etc. will not support a new GDPR legal basis of Legitimate Interest processing because using the data exposes data subjects to the risk of unauthorized re-identification.

SaveYourData Enables Legal Possession & Use

  • Transforms data by leveraging the only GDPR-certified pseudonymisation technology
  • Supports GDPR Legitimate Interest processingto retain value while mitigating the risk of unauthorized re-identification when the data is used
  • Uses revolutionary new technology protected by seven granted patents, with 67 additional patents pending
  • Represents the state-of-the-art in data enablement and privacy
  • Recognized by Analysts and awarded Gartner Cool Vendor status

Recommended by Industry Analysts


“SaveYourData offers a deep-freeze state for existing personal data repositories without violating GDPR principles. This helps organizations avoid data deletion, blanket encryption, or reconsent exercises.”

With SaveYourData…

  • Personal data is transformed using GDPR-certified pseudonymisation.
  • Supports a new legal basis for processing pre-GDPR data without violating GDPR principles.
  • Helps organizations avoid unnecessary data deletion projects and unsuccessful blanket encryption or reconsent exercises.
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Now That Clients Saved Their Data…

Continue to use it with

  • BigPrivacy patented dynamic pseudonymisation, anonymization and de-identification enforces technical and organizational safeguards to provide verifiable proof for customers, partners and regulators  that secondary data processing (like Analytics, AI & Machine Learning) is lawful under the GDPR and evolving data protection regulations.
  • Organizations can receive a credit against future BigPrivacy license fees of up to 100% of SaveYourData license fees.

Transform Data to Make Possession Legal

Illegal Data

  • CRM Data
  • Archive
  • OtherDatabases

Source Databases(Customer’s Environment)

Transform Legal Basis

  • Ingestion
  • SaveYourData Transformation

    Legal Data
    Pseudonymised Data


Francois Zimmermann

Global CTO of Financial Services Vertical at Hitachi Vantara

"SaveYourData provides a technical and legal framework that enables our customers to attain compliance without destroying business value. Hitachi is excited to partner with Anonos to help organisations to maximise their use of analytics to support their data driven journey.”

Martin Whitworth

Research Director, IDC European Data Security and Privacy

"Choosing the appropriate protection methods requires that we also have a means of safeguarding our current accumulated data stores, in a privacy compliant manner. This is why we highlighted Anonos SaveYourData in our report dealing with creating a foundation for accelerating data-driven initiatives.”

Dr Sébastien Ziegler

Chairman of the EuroPrivacy Board of Experts.

"In evaluating Anonos SaveYourData software gave us the opportunity to discover an innovative pseudonymisation software for improving the protection of personal data as requested by the GDPR."

These quotes are excerpted from a recent SaveYour Data press release
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