Can you maximize data value without liability? We can!

With the Anonos BigPrivacy platform, you benefit from:

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Maximum Data Value

Anonos technology transforms data into dynamically de-identified form so that you and your customers need reveal only that level of identifying data necessary to support desired use without revealing unnecessary sensitive, proprietary or restricted data.

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Business Continuity

Anonos technology enables you and your customers to continue business operations under regulations (e.g., HIPAA in the U.S., international data localization requirements, EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and similar international data protection regulations) by taking the “personal” out of personal data while retaining full context of data.

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Liability Mitigation

Anonos technology de-risks data to enable you and your customers to leverage statutory exemptions to avoid breach notification obligations, administrative fines (up to 4% of global revenues under the GDPR), damages and negative PR from class action law suits, and potential criminal liability of executives.


Anonos Uniquely Complies With Technical & Organizational Requirements

Anonos patented technology dynamically changes identifiers and tracks changing identifiers to enable controlled re-linking of identifiers under controlled conditions to:

  • Maximize authorized and minimize unauthorized uses of data by dynamically minimizing re-identification risks;
  • Facilitate compliance with and auditability against data protection policies by enabling the mathematical, statistical and/or actuarial measurement and monitoring of data use;
  • Enable common data store(s) to programmatically support data protection and rights management policies applicable to different companies, industries, states, countries, regions, etc. – and to do so simultaneously; and
  • Adjust in real-time to the changing requirements of policies by dynamically modifying the intelligible form of data into which dynamically obscured data are transformed.

Limitations of Other Approaches

Traditional Privacy Enhancing Techniques (suppression, noise, perturbation, k-anonymity, l-diversity, differential privacy) reduce the value of predictive analytics because they introduce unnecessary errors into data.

  • Use of static (non-changing) identifiers does not comply because they link back to data subjects so they themselves constitute ‘Personal Data’ under the GDPR.
  • Untracked changing identifiers lose context of data and fail to support predictive analytics.
  • Policies alone are no longer enough – technology & organizational measures are required.
  • Privacy by Design is no longer enough – Data Protection by Default is required to support global operations at scale.
  • Encryption and data masking do not provide Data Protection by Default.


  • "Anonos shows there are smart technical and policy solutions that can ensure we gain the benefits of new data uses while avoiding the risks."
    Jules Polonetsky Future of Privacy Forum, CEO Polonetsky
  • "The potential to bring technical and organization approaches into data privacy debates that desperately need new concepts."
    John Wilbanks Sage Bionetworks, Chief Commons Officer Wilbanks
  • "Anonos makes effective controls possible that break the stalemate between responsible use and data obscurity."
    Martin Abrams Information Accountability Foundation, Executive Director & Chief Strategist Martin