Anonos: Ensuring Financial Data Protection

Data security platform for financial services to safely access and process data at scale

Boost financial data value while ensuring security

The financial services sector leverages data for credit assessments, fraud detection, personalized banking, and more. Yet, the balance between utilizing this data at scale and ensuring privacy is a primary concern.
Anonos offers data protection controls that safeguard sensitive data during processing for any use case - from internal sharing to complex AI-driven projects.

Drive data-led financial innovation

Enable compliant financial data sharing that fuels new products. Enhance customer segmentation or risk management while protecting sensitive data.
Case study: CRIF uses Anonos' synthetic data for credit scoring models, facilitating data sharing
Minimize privacy risks for sensitive medical and patient data
Graphic representation of Anonos Data Embassy showing the data privacy score that reflects a high level of financial data protection.

Minimize privacy risks for sensitive financial data

Safeguard transaction data, customer profiles, and internal finance data analysis with advanced privacy-enhancing solutions. Ensure compliance, security posture, and mitigate breach risks.
Case study: A leading payments firm leverages Anonos to address CCPA "delete my data" challenges

Boost AI in finance

Liberate financial data for AI applications. Produce synthetic data to bolster your projects. Ensure data security in financial services and elevate customer experiences.
Case Study: Fortune-500 bank uses Anonos for privacy-preserving machine learning and analytics
Anonos Data Embassy software showing a high level of synthetic financial data quality.
Streamline collaborative projects and partnerships
Open banking: Sharing with confidence
Ensure that data shared across financial service providers and platforms remains private, enabling the true potential of integrated financial services.

Introducing Anonos

Anonos is a data security platform that digitizes and technologically enforces data privacy and security policies.

With Anonos, financial and banking services can safely use and share sensitive data assets across departments or globally while preserving their analytical value.
Data Privacy

How it works

While basic masking solutions or encryption techniques leave financial data susceptible to re-identification or compromise its analytical value, Anonos offers robust privacy protection without sacrificing utility.

With a toolbox of advanced privacy-enhancing techniques, we customize data protection to the unique use cases in the finance sector. Whether using data for fraud detection, credit scoring, customer insights, or risk management, Anonos enables you to utilize the right tools.

Variant Twins

Anonos operates by creating Variant Twins (VT): fit-for-purpose, protected transformations of the original data. Each VT is crafted in compliance with your specific privacy policies, and employs the most suitable privacy-enhancing technology (PET) for each specific data use.

By transforming raw data into secure and compliant Variant Twins, Anonos embeds protection into the data itself, facilitating unprecedented control and utility.
The graphic representation of Anonos Variant Twins - protected transformations of the original financial and banking data.

On-prem or in the cloud

By transforming financial data into Variant Twins early in its lifecycle, it facilitates unhindered use, including seamless data movement and sharing. Variant Twins integrate smoothly with both on-premises systems and cloud infrastructure, guaranteeing the secure use of all financial & banking data.
An illustration of how Anonos Variant Twins integrate on-premises systems and cloud infrastructure, guaranteeing the secure use of all financial & banking data.

A toolbox of privacy-enhancing technologies

Anonos' adaptable suite of privacy technologies is tailored to your unique needs. It includes synthetic data, statutory pseudonymization, advanced masking, tokenization, and more.
The graphic representation of Anonos Data Embassy privacy technologies that include synthetic data, statutory pseudonymization, advanced masking, tokenization, and more.

Benefits for Banking & Financial Professionals:

Data Scientists, Researchers & Analysts

Data & Risk Managers

Unlock insights from secure and compliant data, ensuring strategies are data-backed and risks of data breaches are minimized.
Data leaders and managers

Banking Executives & Strategists

Drive growth, embrace digital transformation, and pioneer in open banking, knowing that data security is not a hurdle but an ally.
Data Protection Officers

Data Protection & Compliance Officers

Achieve peace of mind, knowing that customer data is protected, and compliance is seamlessly met.

Strengthen Financial Services with Anonos

  • Unlock compliant monetization streams
  • Minimize data breach risks & increase speed to insight
  • Comply effortlessly with global data protection standards
  • Foster customer trust
  • Sharpen competitive edge with enriched data insights