Set Your Master Data Free

Protected Master Data Management for AI, Analytics, and Informatica IDMC

Streamlined access to master data for AI and analytics
Master data, vital for AI and analytics, faces strict regulations and access delays due to its sensitivity.

Anonos is a data security platform that accelerates access to protected master datasets. Through synthetic data generation, dynamic de-identification, controlled relinking, and auditable accountability, Anonos merges usability and compliance.
Provide privacy protected data sets for immediate access
Ensure protected data retains the usability required for AI and analytics
Provide verifiable proof of privacy controls used to enforce legal requirements
Full-spectrum data security without compromising speed and quality
  • Safeguard master data in use
  • Preserve analytical value
  • Adhere to internal and external privacy policies
  • Prevent unauthorized re-identification
Data Privacy
Synthetic Data Increase AI accuracy and minimize bias. Eliminate re-linking risks and ensure protection within and outside controlled perimeters.
Dynamic De-identification Remove re-identification risks through the Mosaic Effect by using different de-identifiers, at different times and for different purposes.
Controlled Re-linking Boost AI and analytics precision by controllably re-linking de-identified data to its source.
Auditable Accountability Provide verifiable evidence of privacy measures meeting legal mandates through audit trails and tracking the specifics of data re-linking activities.
Effortlessly integrate Anonos with Informatica IDMC
Merge Informatica's capabilities for data discovery, cataloging, integration, governance, and self-service access with Anonos' data protection with retained usability - achieve a comprehensive solution for compliant use of master data for AI and analytics.
Effortlessly integrate Anonos with Informatica IDMC