TEN Years of R&D and Innovation

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Anonos research and development helped to resolve the Global Data Trust Deficit by solving one of the biggest challenges to digital transformation: enabling maximum utility and sophisticated data analytics, AI, ML, sharing and combining in real-time, while ensuring that data privacy remains fully protected without compromise. Anonos' patented inventions embed trust and privacy controls into the data so that they travel wherever it goes enabling lawful, ethical, responsible, and trustworthy analytics, AI, and Machine Learning while preserving 100% of source data value.

Anonos systems, methods and devices are protected by a portfolio of granted international patents (including, but not limited to: AUS 2018258656 (2021); US 11,030,341 (2021); CA 2,975,441 (2020); EU EP 3,063,691 (2020); US 10,572,684 (2020); CA 2,929,269 (2019); US 10,043,035 (2018); US 9,619,669 (2017); US 9,361,481 (2016); US 9,129,133 (2015); US 9,087,216 (2015); and US 9,087,215 (2015) plus 70+ patent assets.

Anonos' patented inventions uniquely enable organizations to enforce centralized controls on decentralized processing to maximize data utility while expanding opportunities to process, share and combine data to maximize value ethically.

Jules Polonetsky, CEO of the Future of Privacy Forum, said:

"Innovative uses of data open up opportunities for incredibly useful advances in healthcare, environment - just about every facet of human life - but also create real risks of a future 'Orwellian' world destructive to the welfare of a free and open society. Anonos shows there are smart technical and policy solutions that can ensure we gain the benefits of new data uses while avoiding the risks."

Anonos international patents
Since 2012, Anonos has been actively engaged in research and development advancing the state-of-the-art in data protection, privacy and security while maximizing value. Contact us for information on licensing Anonos technology and patents.