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10 years of data privacy and security innovation
Since 2012, Anonos has been actively researching and developing state-of-the-art data privacy and security solutions that maximize data utility and value. Our software solutions uniquely combine pseudonymization, synthetic data and other privacy-preserving techniques for centralized control of decentralized data processing. Opportunities to use, share and combine data therefore increase while reducing privacy and security risks. In fact, statutorily pseudonymized data – achieved with the Anonos Data Embassy platform – provides the highest levels of both protection and utility without compromising one or the other.
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Anonos' systems, methods and devices are protected by a portfolio of 26 granted international patents, including but not limited to:

Patent Nos. CN ZL201880044101.5 (2022); JP 7,064,576 (2022); CA 3,061,638 (2022); AUS 2018258656 (2021); US 11,030,341 (2021); CA 2,975,441 (2020); EU EP 3,063,691 (2020); US 10,572,684 (2020); CA 2,929,269 (2019); US 10,043,035 (2018); US 9,619,669 (2017); US 9,361,481 (2016); US 9,129,133 (2015); US 9,087,216 (2015); and US 9,087,215 (2015) plus 70+ patent assets.
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