Safeguard Insurance Data Privacy with Data Embassy®

Data protection software to drive insurance enterprise value creation with safe, compliant data assets

Unlock data for AI & ML development, international data transfer, monetization, and more.
Insurance companies accumulate large volumes of sensitive data, spanning policyholder details, claim histories, customer behavioral data, and risk assessments.

This information forms the basis for core processes and holds the potential to drive significant competitive advancements through insurance data analytics and AI.
Managing insurance customer data is a challenge. Achieving compliance with data privacy regulations and protecting customer data while deriving actionable insights requires robust safeguards.

Anonos Data Embassy supports insurers with a toolbox of privacy-enhancing technologies that enable secure, responsible, and effective insurance data processing.
Introducing Anonos Data Embassy
Anonos Data Embassy is a data protection software that digitizes and technologically enforces data privacy and security policies, enabling insurers to safely use and share sensitive data assets across departments or around the globe.
Introducing Anonos Data Embassy
Expedite Advanced Analytics and AI Development
Extract insights from your data while ensuring compliance with synthetic insurance data.

Enable compliant creation of churn, NBO, x-sell, and other customer-centric models on-prem and in the cloud, while reducing the time to access by an order of magnitude.
Case study: Provinzial
A German insurer conducts predictive analytics on synthetic data to identify the needs of over a million customers while preserving insurance data privacy.
Expedite Advanced Analytics and AI Development
Enable International Data Transfers & Sharing
Enable International Data Transfers & Sharing
Navigate the complexity of cross-border data sharing with robust GDPR pseudonymization techniques. Adhere to privacy laws while preserving the data utility and the ability to safely re-link to original data.
Case study: A global insurance provider
A global insurance provider uses Data Embassy to accelerate insights, refine insurance risk assessment, and boost insurance fraud detection efficiency.
Minimize Privacy Risks within Development and Test Environments
Create secure and compliant test and development environments. Reduce the risk of privacy breaches by utilizing robust anonymization techniques.
Case study: A large life, auto, and home insurer
A life, auto, and home insurance firm utilized Data Embassy to test new pricing models, develop risk assessments, and demonstrate predictive capabilities.
Minimize Privacy Risks within Development and Test Environments
Streamline Partnerships and Collaborations
Streamline Partnerships and Collaborations
Leverage advanced data masking solutions to protect sensitive information during collaborations with insurtech firms or reinsurance agreements.
“We have developed churn models for our insurance customers. These models rely on sensitive customer data. The Anonos software protects the original data of our customers on the one hand, and on the other, enables us to work with the data across departments without compromising privacy or security issues.”

Dr. Sören Erdweg, Artificial Intelligence & Data Development at Provinzial
Anonos highlighted in 2023 Gartner® “Emerging Tech Impact Radar: Artificial Intelligence in Insurance” report for its synthetic tabular data capabilities.

Data Embassy Benefits for Insurance Industry Professionals:
Data leaders and managers
Data leaders and managers
Accelerate data-driven strategies, enhance operational efficiency, and secure your lead in the competitive landscape.
Data Scientists
Data Scientists
Gain fast and reliable access to granular data to drive insights and contribute to growth and customer satisfaction.
Data Protection Officers
Data Protection Officers
Maintain compliance with ease, ensuring regulatory adherence. Analyze and document privacy risks.
Security Teams
Security Teams
Reduce attack surface and liability by minimizing the circulation of sensitive insurance data.
How it works
Anonos Data Embassy software provides a toolbox of privacy-enhancing technologies tailored to insurers’ unique data use cases. Whether using data for testing and development, sharing, or extending to insurance machine learning & AI model building and deployment, Data Embassy provides the necessary tools.
Variant Twins
The Data Embassy toolbox works by creating Variant Twins: fit-for-purpose, protected transformations of original data, each employing the most suitable privacy-enhancing technology for each data use.

By transforming raw data into secure and compliant Variant Twins, Data Embassy embeds protection into the data itself, facilitating unprecedented control and utility.
Diagram of Variant Twins technology by Anonos, highlighting data transformation, embedded protection, and controlled re-linking for insurance data privacy.
On-prem or in the cloud
Transforming original data into Variant Twins early in the data lifecycle allows for its unrestricted use, including free data movement and sharing with third parties.

Variant Twins integrate smoothly with your on-premise systems and cloud infrastructure, ensuring the safe use of insurance data.
Graphic representation of Anonos's Data Embassy system, demonstrating the transformation of original data into Variant Twins for secure data sharing between producers and consumers, both on-premise and in cloud infrastructure.
A toolbox of privacy-enhancing technologies
Data Embassy's adaptable suite of privacy technologies is tailored to your unique needs. It includes synthetic data, statutory pseudonymization, advanced masking, tokenization, and more. Customize your insurance data protection.
Illustration of Anonos's data protection software, Data Embassy, showcasing a range of privacy-enhancing technologies, including synthetic data, statutory pseudonymization, advanced masking, and tokenization for customizable data protection in the insurance industry.
Reap the Benefits of Secure, Compliant Data Processing
With Anonos Data Embassy, you’re not just adopting software, you’re adopting a strategic advantage.

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Accelerate data science processes
  • Secure international data transfers
  • Facilitate compliant development and test environments
  • Improve the understanding of insurance customer data
  • Advance risk analysis and business process