Working together to expand data ecosystems with maximum protection and value
Anonos provides data privacy and security software, in addition to associated intellectual property, that resolves major data management challenges. As a result, use cases for data utility and value creation will be expanded and expediated in ways never possible before. We’ve developed a program to work with technology and consulting partners to help clients realize new data-driven opportunities while maintaining lawful use.
How does the Anonos Partner Program work?
We’ve spent 10 years developing the Anonos Data Embassy platform, so enterprises no longer must choose between protection or utility – they can have both. We’re the only vendor in the data privacy space that guarantees 100% accuracy compared to cleartext, and we put this guarantee in writing for our Quick Start program. As a consulting or technology partner of Anonos, you can expand your data management offerings.
Consulting Partners
With Anonos, system integrators and/or consulting partners can offer new advisory, integration and delivery services aligned to customers’ needs for data privacy and security.
Technology Partners
Anonos’ technology partners, independent software vendors (ISVs) and cloud service providers (CSPs) can build compelling joint offerings based on proven technology.
Anonos Partner
Program Benefits
Our partner program is designed to build deep, profitable partnerships built on and rewarded by customer success. By helping clients meet their data privacy and security requirements while continuing to lawfully operate their data supply chains, they’ll be able to create more business value and achieve their strategic objectives. Joining with us to deliver “data without the drama” provides these benefits:
Disruptive Technology
Disruptive Technology Data Embassy gives partners a means to improve their clients’ performance through greater data use and sharing while complying with data privacy and security regulations.
Profitability and Predictability
Profitability and Predictability Anonos supports partners with pricing, account management, business planning, competitive analysis and demand generation.
Sales Enablement and Support
Sales Enablement and Support Partners gain complimentary sales enablement, access to the Anonos Data Embassy platform, technical training, and global support.
Collaboration Anonos’ sales teams work closely with partners to ensure client success and growth of existing accounts as Data Embassy demonstrates its value.
We’ve got something special here, and we’d like to partner with organizations that share our vision to de-risk data without de-valuing it. If you’d like to have a conversation and see a demo to better understand what the joint possibilities are, please complete this form.