Test Data Management

For Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC)

Fast, easy, and safe access to granular test data within IDMC
Agile development requires test data specific to use cases and compliant with privacy regulations. Traditional methods like masking or static tokenization often result in testing errors, reduced AI model accuracy, and re-identification risks.

Anonos Data Embassy integrates with Informatica IDMC to provide tailored, fast, and easy access to privacy-compliant simulated, synthetic, and pseudonymized test data.
Retain referential integrity across tables to develop and test application rules and processing logic.
Use statistically accurate data, free of personal and sensitive information, to develop and train AI models.
Quality Assurance
Leverage test data that is re-linkable to production data to validate applications and AI model performance.
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Deliver solutions faster Give DevOps, MLOps and QA teams the tools they need to model, shape, size and protect data to their specific requirements.
Improve solution quality Create test data that looks and acts like production data to ensure 100% test coverage and eliminate software defects.
Ensure privacy compliance Tailor controls to the development and testing use case, as well as regional and industry regulations like CPRA, GDPR, HIPAA, and others.