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January 24, 2022
Technical Controls Required for Schrems II Lawful International Data Transfers EINPRESSWIRE Logo

Technical Controls Required for Schrems II Lawful International Data Transfers

70% of registrants have not implemented technical supplementary measures required under Schrems II.

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, January 24, 2022 / -- 70% of the 1,400+ registrants for the webinar on Pseudonymisation for Schrems II compliance indicate they have not yet implemented technical supplementary measures to protect data when in use, but need to. Implementing encryption to protect data when at rest and in transit is not enough.

This webinar is hosted by Anonos and Baker McKenzie and takes place this Thursday, 27th January, the day before Global Privacy Day 2022. You can register at

Recent enforcement actions by the EDPS against the EU Parliament and the Austrian Data Protection Authority against NetDoktor highlight (in the context of Google Analytics) that encrypting data as it moves around the world does not prevent potential surveillance of EU personal data by the US government - new technical supplementary measures that protect data when in use are required.

Join us to learn how to implement GDPR Pseudonymisation as a technical measure to respond to:

+Greater regulatory clarity (e.g., EDPS 9 December webinar stating: “After the Schrems II ruling, the debate on pseudonymisation has gained momentum as many consider it as the most viable ‘supplementary measure’ to transfer personal data to third countries not offering an equivalent level of protection” and the EU Commission equivalency ruling - what the US lost under Schrems II - for South Korea which highlights pseudonymisation);

+Recent fines (including Amazon’s 888 million Euro fine); and

+Recent enforcement actions (e.g., EDPS action against EU parliament and Austrian DPA action, both about Google Analytics).

Learn why this is a natural progression from the prior year’s focus on regulatory preparedness using data discovery tools, etc., toward an emphasis on actively protecting data when in use by leveraging GDPR Pseudonymisation as a technical measure to ensure lawful access and use of data.

If you have not implemented Schrems II compliant technical supplementary measures, or need to learn how GPDR Pseudonymisation reduces GDPR restrictions, this webinar is for you.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be informed.

Register now at:

About Anonos:
Data is the world’s most precious resource, and its value is often truly realised only when it’s shared and combined with other data. Anonos empowers organisations with more opportunities for sustainable applications by protecting it at rest, in transit, and in use, both now and in the future. Anonos recognises that protecting data privacy is about much more than compliance: the Anonos team has invested over nine years and tens of thousands of hours into solutions that future-proof global data use and compliance. The only software to utilise GDPR-compliant Pseudonymisation and patented relinking techniques, Anonos Variant Twins make it possible to legally analyse, combine, and use data both inside and outside of organisations.

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