Join the Anonos team in our mission to protect data in use for greater utility, not drama.
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We’re hiring people to develop, market and sell data privacy and security solutions that are transforming data management and therefore industry.
Our Company
We work at the intersection of law and technology to help organizations protect data in use without sacrificing privacy, security, accuracy or speed.

We are a global company that provides data privacy and security technology. Founded in 2012, we understand that organizations want to do more innovative things with their data without getting into legal hot water. So we allow them to do exactly that.

In 2022, we raised an additional $50 million in growth funding. We provide the most comprehensive data protection software to reduce the sensitivity of data and remove utility obstacles, so more data is available more quickly to complete more projects.

Our smart and creative team of 75 works from around the world to support a data-driven future in which privacy comes first. We enjoy working together and view agility, authenticity and collaboration as core values. We appreciate the perspectives and contributions of every team member and encourage curiosity and questions. . Our product, privacy research, engineering, and commercial teams work together closely to deliver technology that de-risks data without devaluing it.

Join us to make a difference in data without the drama. Learn more at and
Our Culture
At Anonos, we pride ourselves on our dynamic and inclusive company culture that values continuous learning, open communication, and a collaborative mindset. Our commitment to practices like Radical Candor, communication based on honest and direct feedback while maintaining mutual respect and care, strengthens our work environment. We believe that our team members are the heart of our success, and we are dedicated to creating an atmosphere where each individual can thrive and contribute to delivering cutting-edge software and data privacy solutions. Our culture is built upon a foundation of shared values, which guide our interactions and shape our work.
Who we are
We value smart, tech-savvy individuals who have a passion for learning and adapting to new technologies. As a team, we encourage curiosity and innovation, and we expect our team members to be great communicators who can effectively collaborate with colleagues across all levels of the organization. Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to push boundaries, and we welcome those who can lead and inspire others to embrace new challenges and opportunities. At Anonos, we believe that the best ideas emerge from candid discussions, we pride ourselves on an atmosphere where team members can share their thoughts openly, ask questions, address concerns, and provide constructive criticism, all with the ultimate goal of achieving collective growth and success.

Our emphasis on kindness and team spirit sets us apart in the industry. We recognize the importance of treating everyone with respect and thoughtfulness, creating a nurturing environment where employees feel valued and supported. In our pursuit of excellence in software and data privacy, we understand that we are stronger together. As an Anonos team member, you will have the unique opportunity to work alongside talented professionals who share your passion and commitment to shaping the future of data protection. Join us in our mission to revolutionize the industry and make a lasting impact on the world
Team Members
Why you should join
At Anonos, we are committed to providing competitive and globally accessible team member benefits to attract and retain top talent, regardless of their location.
Do meaningful work We resolve the conflict between data protection and data utility, so sensitive data assets are accessible and safe to use. That means it can be processed, analyzed, shared, enriched and transferred lawfully for commercial and societal gain.
Profitability and Predictability
With great people Work with a diverse, global team of really bright people across an array of fields who inspire and challenge each other. Red tape is low, but creativity is high. We also like to laugh and have fun.
Disruptive Technology
In a remote, flexible & supportive environment We foster a high-performance culture based on transparency and teamwork, with respect for individuality and different approaches. We want employees to do great work and provide flexibility in a remote environment with modern communication and project management tools.
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What our team member say
Candy P. - Client Success Manager
Client Success Manager
Candy P.
Working at Anonos has meant working with world class talent, and that helped me learn new skills faster in more areas because we are all working toward the same goals and are willing to support an honest effort to learn. It’s been the best team environment I’ve ever worked in for collaborative learning and growth.
Joseph S. - Director of Finance
Director of Finance
Joseph S.
What I love the most about Anonos is the opportunity to do so many different things, all while being supported by a brilliant management team! The vision and direction of the company is often shared and this helps keep us motivated in all achieving the same goal. It is amazing to be working with brilliant folks every single day and I appreciate every minute of being part of Anonos.
Mark L. - Chief Data Strategis
Chief Data Strategist
Mark L.
One of things I really appreciate about Anonos is the culture. What we call "up and to the right" is a real thing for us. It's about finding that next adjustment to the business and our thinking that drives us forward. It takes a team of people who are smart enough to think through what's changing when it's not always obvious, and how we should change to adapt to that, but who are considerate and respectful while directly challenging our assumptions. It's not about "being right", it's about getting to the "right answer".