About Anonos

Accelerating approvals for data use with effective data protection for every use case in every environment
We’re not going to bore you with what you already know – like how big data has only gotten bigger and continues to grow exponentially, blah, blah, blah. Nor are we going to tell you how important data is and all the cool stuff your organization can do with it. Duh. We suspect that’s why you’re here. You need to expand and expedite data use while ensuring privacy and security.
So we’re going to cut to the chase and tell you that we’ve figured out how to eliminate the long-standing tradeoff between data protection and data utility that enterprises have faced – until now. We spent more than a decade researching, developing and validating technology that separates identity from information value without sacrificing accuracy or speed.
Our mission and brand promise are one in the same
Data without the drama™
No internal conflicts between data protection officers and data teams, no grumbling among your SMEs and IT leaders about more complexity, and no fines or PR fallout for noncompliance with data privacy and security regulations. Plus we can only imagine how frustrating it has probably been, listening to all the pitches and promises of other software vendors all these years.
Anonos will help you make your data teams more effective and efficient by powering the uninterrupted, predictable supply of protected data assets your organization needs to create more commercial or civic value. You can resolve the legal issues that hamper your ability to be more data-driven, and fill in the serious gaps left by traditional data privacy and security measures.
Our Vision
To de-risk data without de-valuing it, so enterprises can use it more widely and efficiently to accomplish strategic objectives.
Our Values
These are the values we believe in and how we like to do business:
We move quickly to accomplish our goals and respond to employee, partner and customer needs.
We represent ourselves and the company with transparency and integrity.
We love ideas and appreciate input from each other, partners and – most of all – customers.
We like to question assumptions and learn continuously.
We have high standards for our team members and our solutions and services.
Our History
Anonos’ co-founders, Gary LaFever and Ted Myerson, have been business partners for more than two decades. Their previous company, FTEN, gave securities broker-dealers and their clients the ability to manage risk more effectively in real time, leading to better use of capital as well as improved regulatory compliance. FTEN was acquired in 2010 by NASDAQ OMX, which integrated the company’s technology into its 100+ exchanges around the globe.

That successful venture that involved re-linking data paved the way for Anonos to flip the paradigm by focusing on technology to de-link data.
Eleven years, 26 granted international patents, $70 million in funding, a major acquisition, and multiple awards later, we’ve brought to market a solution that combines multiple data protection techniques in one powerful platform.

Our employees and partners are excited to help organizations overcome obstacles to data optimization, reducing complexity, risks and time to value. The next-generation in data privacy and security technology has arrived.
Our Solution
Our technology uses numerous data protection techniques to digitize and enforce policies to protect sensitive data at rest, in transit, and in use – when it is decrypted and most vulnerable – to prevent misuse, especially in untrusted environments. Using this modern toolbox for data privacy, security and enablement, organizations embed and enforce trust everywhere their data flows.

The Anonos Data Embassy platform creates Variant Twins: lawful variations of source data transformed according to use case, data type, jurisdiction, requirements and restrictions. This programming framework ensures precise control of what data elements are revealed and maintains the analytical properties of the equivalent source data. Variant Twins also process at the same speed as unprotected cleartext.

The user-friendly software’s customizable rules and streamlined, self-service workflows make it easy for legal/privacy professionals to establish technical guardrails that ensure compliance. In turn, data users gain faster access to protected data sets to drive their projects.

With Data Embassy, data utility increases without compromising privacy, security, accuracy or speed. Organizations protect their sensitive data while using it to support their most complex use cases, including those that involve data sharing, combining and enrichment in the public cloud.
Our Solution
Anonos works at the intersection of law and technology to develop and deliver transformative technology, literally. Transform your sensitive data assets into protected Variant Twins that can travel anywhere and everywhere to power your enterprise use cases. We’d love to talk with you about your current data privacy and security issues and how we can help.