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Tired of Data Protection and Utility Tradeoff? No More!
Discover how our platform can help you achieve data security and privacy for every use case, automate compliance & governance, and accelerate time to data without tradeoffs.

Our experts will give you a walkthrough so you can take the first step towards a no-compromise data strategy.
Why Data Embassy
Full spectrum
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Ensure data usability and protection for every use case
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Leverage an interactive interface for data protection and accuracy configuration tailored to your needs
Zero Trust Data solution
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Protect data throughout its entire lifecycle, rather than relying on network or perimeter defenses alone
Cloud and on-prem
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Connect to your cloud storage or deploy on-premises
Up to 100% accuracy
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The highest accuracy guarantee compared to cleartext
4x faster time to data
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Reduce data access time from months to minutes
Trusted by Data Leaders and Teams Across the Globe
The Anonos protects the original data of our customers on the one hand, and on the other, enables us to work with the data across departments without compromising privacy or security.”

Georg Russ
Data Scientist, Data & Analytics at die Mobiliar
Using Anonos has been a transformative step in our internal model development. It acted as a catalyst in enhancing data privacy and utility, helped us expand our use cases, and enabled us to proactively prepare for regulatory changes, delivering time and cost savings.”

Enrico Bagli
Data Science and Innovation Manager at CRIF
Anonos data protection platform offers the possibility to advance fundamental research while completely protecting the data of users.”

Simon Scholler
Head of Research at Newsenselab