Streamlined Data Protection for a Fortune-500 U.S. Bank

Using Anonos for efficient privacy-preserving machine learning & data analytics in finance

$50 million
saved on manual privacy evaluation
compliance with data regulations
A leading Fortune-500 U.S. bank aimed to enhance its machine learning and financial data analytics efficiency while ensuring data protection. The bank used Anonos, a full-spectrum data security platform, to achieve these objectives, optimizing both financial and operational performance.


The bank's operations were impeded by the manual security verification required for each sensitive data element in credit card transactions. This labor-intensive process was not only resource-draining but also considerably delayed machine learning and analytics functions. The primary objective was to reduce the extensive manual work associated with this compliance protocol while concurrently establishing a sustainable data privacy framework.


  • By using Anonos state-of-the-art data security and privacy techniques that generate protected and compliant data outputs known as Variant Twins, the bank was able to automate the financial data protection and streamline workflows.
  • Variant Twins embed data protection directly into sensitive datasets, ensuring it travels with the data regardless of its destination or use case. This technology not only preserves the dataset's utility but also allows for controlled re-linking to the sensitive data by authorized parties.
  • Despite the emphasis on security, the bank retained high utility for machine learning and finance data analysis tasks. Additionally, when compliance demanded it, the capability to reconnect to the original source data was retained.


Operational Efficiency By incorporating privacy controls at the onset of the data workflow and removing the necessity for manual privacy verification, processes were notably accelerated.
Cost Savings With enhanced efficiencies and reduced manual interventions, the bank anticipates a substantial cost savings of approximately $50 million.
Robust Compliance The solution ensures that both enterprise compliance standards and customer data privacy remain uncompromised, striking a balance between operational needs and regulatory obligations.
Future-Proofing Data Privacy With an adaptable framework in place, the bank is well-positioned to address evolving data privacy challenges and regulatory landscapes.
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