Enhancing Order Validation While Ensuring Data Security

Leveraging Anonos to address CCPA "delete my data" challenges without impacting profit margins

compliance with CCPA “delete my data” requests achieved
Over 95%
accuracy maintained in new/repeat order validation
software-related downtimes in over 18 months of operation
A leading trusted payments and business technology firm faced the challenge of balancing CCPA compliance with the need to safeguard its profit-driven pricing strategy. Through the strategic use of Anonos, full-spectrum data security platform, they ensured that “delete my data” requests didn't hamper their high-margin re-orders, ultimately retaining their revenue streams and ensuring compliance.
"It's refreshing to be involved in a project where the solution aligns so closely with the initial promise."

- IT Architect, Leading Business Technology Firm


For the firm, check printing was a significant source of revenue. The pricing strategy involved providing hefty discounts on initial orders and subsequently charging full price for re-orders. However, the "delete my data" requests under the CCPA allowed customers to consistently avail themselves of the initial order discounts, posing a potential threat to the company's profit margins.


  • The firm deployed Anonos to create CCPA-compliant de-identified Variant Twin (DeID VT) of the production database, which is kept up to date on a streaming basis as orders are processed.
  • "Delete my data" requests removed the data from the production database, but not the DeID VT. Each "new" order that is not in the production database is converted into a single record Variant Twin for JITI validation to confirm or deny the "new" order status and ensure correct pricing.


100% Compliance: Achieved full compliance with CCPA "delete my data" requests without interrupting order processing
Integrity in Pricing: Ensured over 95% accuracy in differentiating between new and repeat orders, preserving the company's pricing strategy and safeguarding profit margins
Operational Excellence: Maintained the system continuously for 18 months without a single software-related downtime, exemplifying robustness and reliability
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