The Data Trifecta: Privacy, Security & Governance Race from Reactivity to Resilience

Top Six Takeaways from the Webinar

The same source data can be used multiple times for different use cases with the right technology and remit.
Data is the new water, not the new oil. Both data and water are reusable and valuable. Data needs to be protected and taken care of, but should also be distributed and used for maximum benefit to all.
Businesses can gain significant value by appropriately managing, adjusting, and sharing data. They can do this by protecting it with controls that flow with the data itself.
Effectively de-identified, de-risked data can help to solve business problems. This is an opportunity to speed up time frames instead of missing out on opportunities.
Different organizations are operating at different levels of data use maturity.
Organizations must shift from a reactive relationship with regulation to a responsive one with regulation. This means using technologies that are already resilient and able to be adjusted to meet changes in increasing consumer protection.
Key Highlights
Over 65%
of companies delegate the responsibility of implementing privacy, security, and governance to the IT department, which are not equipped to manage these roles in a way that enables data to be used to its fullest extent.
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The Data Trifecta
Increase Innovation & Profits by Several Magnitudes
Increase Innovation & Profits by Several Magnitudes
Enterprise data governance efforts have both proactive and reactive benefits
Despite interdependencies, businesses view privacy and security as barriers
Which group in your organization holds the primary responsibility for managing data privacy and data protection requirements?
Point Solutions Don’t Eliminate the Tradeoff Between Data Protection & Utility
7 Universal Data Use Cases
Privacy Platform Approach
Increase Innovation & Profits by Several Magnitudes
Increase Innovation & Profits by Several Magnitudes
Panel Discussion
What do you think about characterizing Data as the “New Water” versus the “New Oil”? Do you think approaching privacy, security & governance as interconnected functions can help to create generative data value?
Increase Innovation & Profits by Several Magnitudes
What is the role of Collaboration, Controls, and Customization for turning “No” into “Yes.”
What are the impediments to enterprises shifting from data loss prevention to data value maximization, resilience, and sustainability? How would these shifts augment or undermine the path of current programs?”
What benefits have you seen from converging data privacy, security, and governance to treat them as value centers and from arming them with new technologies? What benefits do you think enterprises can realize from adopting this approach?
With regulatory/legal frameworks changing to address different aspects of privacy & security, what can enterprises do to stay ahead?
Please provide a few pointers on what immediate actions to take and share some lessons learned.
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