IDC Spotlight: Accelerating Data Control for Economic Value

IDC | Report | Data Intelligence
Authored by Stewart Bond, Vice President of Data Intelligence and Integration Software at IDC, the report emphasizes the importance of intelligent enterprises and underscored the key role of performant privacy-based controls in leveraging data in these entities.

While blending internal and external data offers monetization benefits, evolving privacy regulations often prevent enterprises from fully exploiting their data's potential. Traditional methods, such as encryption, tokenization, and masking, are becoming outdated in modern data environments as they protect data at rest and in transit, but not while data is being processed.

Performant privacy-based controls, which maintain the original data's speed and accuracy while enhancing privacy, are crucial. These controls ensure data protection and utility, facilitating faster decision-making, business value enhancement, and potential new revenue streams from data.
IDC Spotlight: Accelerating Data Control for Economic Value
Key Highlights:
  • Organizations with high levels of enterprise intelligence experience three to four times better business outcomes compared to those with low levels of enterprise intelligence.

  • Anonos' Data Embassy Software uses performant privacy-based controls to create "Variant Twins," use-case specific variations of digital twins that have embedded controls, facilitating compliance without hindering data processing.
  • As Generative AI is transforming how we derive insights from data, the importance of performant privacy grows. Such controls can protect against data leakage and ensure safe training of domain-specific models.

  • Modern data protection needs to consider not just individual data sets, but also the relationships between data sets, eliminating the possibility of re-identification through combined datasets.