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How to Process Data in the Cloud While Being Fully Compliant

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The IDC Technology Spotlight on Cloud Data Compliance provides valuable insights and strategies for maintaining data privacy compliance in the cloud, particularly in the era of digital transformation. The report covers topics such as cloud data governance, privacy, and security, offering practical advice for organizations to ensure compliance with regulations and standards. Overall, it's an essential resource for organizations looking to secure their data and build trust with customers and stakeholders in the cloud.
IDC Technology Spotlight
  • Cloud data governance is essential for ensuring compliance and security in the cloud. It involves having a clear understanding of data usage, implementing data protection measures, and establishing policies and procedures that align with regulations and standards.

  • Data privacy and security are critical concerns when it comes to cloud data compliance. Organizations must adopt a risk-based approach to data protection, including implementing appropriate security controls and ensuring that data is encrypted when transmitted and at rest.
  • The increasing complexity of cloud environments presents challenges for organizations seeking to maintain compliance. Organizations must adopt a data-centric approach to compliance that involves focusing on the data itself rather than the technology used to store and process it.

  • To ensure cloud data compliance, organizations must prioritize the protection of personal data. This involves implementing privacy-enhancing technologies, such as differential privacy and pseudonymization, and ensuring that data processing activities are transparent and accountable.
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