Data Embassy®
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What level of accuracy do alternative data privacy technologies guarantee?
Anonos accuracy
Only Anonos
provides a 100% data accuracy guarantee with Data Embassy
The Anonos Data Embassy platform is your passport to
data protection anywhere, including untrusted environments.
The technology eliminates the tradeoff between protecting your enterprise data assets or enabling their use to create actual value.
It delinks data from direct and indirect identifiers and obscures relationships and correlations so sensitive data remains private while powering analytics and other use cases.
If Data Embassy doesn’t deliver 100% accurate results compared to cleartext, we’ll refund our Quick Start fees. Do any other data privacy vendors offer that sort of guarantee – or put it in writing? In four steps, you’ll be amazed at what Data Embassy can do.
Four steps to value:
Select use case (e.g., analytics)
Select use case.
Transform data so it is protected in use.
Transform data so it is protected in use.
Produce trusted analytics.
Produce trusted analytics.
Relink to original source data.
Relink to original source data.
Complete the form, so we can schedule a briefing. Then we can talk about your use cases and the best way to get started.
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