March 1, 2018
IDC Report on Anonos

IDC Report on Anonos

Anonos: Helping Businesses Become Data-Driven Without Compromising GDPR Compliance Obligations – IDC’s three key points in their report are as follows:

1) IDC envisages key uses of BigPrivacy, such as GDPR compliance, data collaboration with external parties, IoT data analytics, and processing data in the cloud without jeopardizing compliance. The platform could also help enterprises overcome the main obstacles to cloud adoption and support cloud migration plans.

2) We believe Anonos' BigPrivacy technology with Pseudonymisation features and patented technologies will be able to meet latent demand for such technologies as more organizations will want to become data advocates and treat data as a strategic asset while complying with GDPR.

3) It is well positioned to allow analytics and use of artificial intelligence and machine learning on data, including IoT, geotargeted, and regulated data to help businesses progress in their DX and multicloud journeys.


*Report reprinted with permission under license rights to Anonos by IDC.  IDC and the IDC logo are trademarks of International Data Corporation.