The Business Benefits of Data Privacy & Security

Top Six Takeaways from the Webinar

Organizations derive data insights and create value through seven universal use cases.
While access controls and encryption are necessary measures, they don’t prevent data misuse, breaches and ransomware attacks.
Words (policies and contracts) don’t stop data misuse either; they only provide remedies after the fact and fail to address underlying problems.
Only technical controls can prevent data misuse, including breaches and ransomware attacks that damage customer and partner relationships and public perception.
The use of effective technical controls, based on a combination of privacy and security tools, enables greater success across the seven universal data use cases and establishes competitive differentiation and industry leadership.
The traditional conflict between data protection and data utility can be reconciled; more use cases can be approved more quickly with the use of technical controls.
Key Highlights
Top three imperatives for capturing use-case value:
  • Protecting data when in use
  • Remediating data that is sparse/biased/withdrawn
  • Satisfying requirements for surveillance-proof processing
Top three use cases as ranked by participants:
  • Sharing data with third parties for monetization
  • Sharing data with a third-party service provider
  • Sharing data internally across business boundaries
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The Business Benefits of Data Privacy & Security
What is the Economic Value of NOT Having to Say NO to Data Use Requests
How does your company protect data when in use?
Pre-Webinar Polling
7 Universal Use Cases
Use Case 1: Using Data for Application Development and Testing
Use Case 2: Internal Data Sharing Across Business Boundaries
Use Case 3: Using Data for Analytics, ML and AI Model Building
Use Case 4: Production Use of AI and ML Models to Generate Inferences and Predictions
Use Case 5: Sharing Data with Third-Party Service Providers
Use Case 6: Sharing Data for Monetization
Use Case 7: Using Data for Data Enrichment (Inbound, Outbound or Bi-directional)
Rank Universal Use Cases
3 Imperatives for Capturing Use-Case Value
Protecting Data When in Use
Remediating Data
Satisfying Requirements for Surveillance-Proof Processing
Rank 3 Imperatives for Capturing Use-Case Value
Transforming Data with Strong Protection & High Utility
The Anonos Privacy & Security Toolbox of Protections Eliminates the Tradeoff Between Data Protection & Utility
Adjustments to Established Practices Are Required
Anonos Variant Twins
With Technical Controls: You DON’T Have to Say NO to Data-Use Requests
Anonos Data Embassy dynamic de-identification, pseudonymization and anonymization systems, methods and devices are protected by an intellectual property portfolio