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  • Lawful Borderless Data (Schrems II)
  • Sustainable Data Value
Lawful Borderless Data (Schrems II)
Anonos Data Embassy software leverages GDPR-Pseudonymisation, a technique recommended by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) for compliance with Schrems II requirements.

Here is how our Data Embassy software works:
  • It transforms personal data into privacy-respectful data assets known as Variant Twins® by using state-of-the-art technical controls.
  • These variant twins are Pseudonymized data as newly defined in the GDPR; unless they are combined with additional information the data controller exclusively controls, they cannot be relinked to individuals.
  • When you share or transfer data to third countries or parties, the receiving party cannot identify individual EU data subjects
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Sustainable Data Value
Implement Anonos Data Embassy software to achieve sustainable data value with utmost flexibility and customizability in using and sharing data.

No data… Little data… or all data… Gain complete control over how much data you share.

Tailor the level of identifiability for each use case whether it is for analytics, AI or ML, data sharing, cross-border transfers or to future-proof other secondary data uses.
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