about us

We are global leaders in reducing the Global Data Trust Deficit by reconciling data privacy/protection and value/accuracy.

Anonos reflects the vision of co-founders, and 20-year business-partners Gary LaFever and Ted Myerson to enable Lawful Borderless Data. Their previous company, FTEN, revolutionized worldwide financial markets by creating groundbreaking real time data risk management technology.

In 2010 FTEN was acquired by NASDAQ, which integrated FTEN's technology into its nearly 100 exchanges around the globe.

Anonos has been working with data privacy and protection concepts and technological ideas for over 8 years, and has developed state-of-the art GDPR Pseudonymisation technology to help businesses and organisations meet GDPR and other privacy law requirements by enabling Lawful Borderless Data.

our team

Anonos Leadership

Gary LaFever
Gary LaFever LinkedIn
CEO & General Counsel
Ted Myerson
Ted Myerson LinkedIn
President & Co-Founder
Steven Prestidge
Steven Prestidge LinkedIn
Chief Innovation Officer
Magali Feys
Magali Feys LinkedIn
Chief Strategist - Ethical Data Use
Jeff Weishaupt
Jeff Weishaupt LinkedIn
Head of Product
Mark Little
Mark Little LinkedIn
Chief Data Strategist
Alastair Williams
Alastair Williams LinkedIn
Head of Client Solutions
Xander Bouwens
Xander Bouwens LinkedIn
Head of Channel & Alliances
Our Advisors
Jules Polonetsky
Jules Polonetsky LinkedIn
Future of Privacy Forum (FPF), CEO
Martin Abrams
Martin Abrams LinkedIn
Information Accountability Foundation (IAF), Executive Director & Chief Strategist
Robert Tetenbaum
Robert Tetenbaum LinkedIn
Co-Founder & Former President of First Manhattan Consulting Group and FMCG Direct (Acquired by Deluxe)
Jonas Almeida, PHD
Jonas Almeida, PHD LinkedIn
Professor, Chief Technology Officer, Department of Biomedical Informatics, Stony Brook University
Sandeep Pulim
Sandeep Pulim LinkedIn
Medici, Chief Innovation Officer
Paulo Pereira
Paulo Pereira LinkedIn
Atos, Chief Innovation Officer - Global Edge to Cloud Data & Analytics
Meg Leta Jones
Meg Leta Jones LinkedIn
Georgetown University, Assistant Professor
Michael Waxman
Michael Waxman LinkedIn
Waxman Strategies, CEO
James Jorasch
James Jorasch LinkedIn
Science House, Founder
Rita J. King
Rita J. King LinkedIn
Science House, EVP for Business Development
Howard Kaushansky
Howard Kaushansky LinkedIn
30DB, President & CEO
Steven Mason
Steven Mason LinkedIn
Liquid Patents & The Brand Mason, Principal
Molly Maloof, M.D.
Molly Maloof, M.D. LinkedIn
Physician & Digital Health Pioneer
Rebecca Herold
Rebecca Herold LinkedIn
The Privacy Professor®, CEO & Simbus-ISPC, Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer
Sean Clouston
Sean Clouston LinkedIn
Stony Brook University, Core Faculty in Public Health & Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine
Rye Clifton
Rye Clifton LinkedIn
Gsd&M, Director of Experience
John Downey
John Downey LinkedIn
Google Cloud, Business Development Manager
Andrew Schulman
Andrew Schulman LinkedIn
Software Litigation Consulting
Gartner Cool Vendor in Privacy Management