How Anonos Started:

In 2012, we saw a tug-of-war arising between data utility and privacy protection.

We observed that traditional approaches to resolving this tug-of-war included:

  • Trying to obtain data subject consent for desired data uses;
  • Anonymising high-risk data which degrades accuracy and value;
  • Restricting processing to controlled environments, referred to as enclaves; or
  • Determining that desired uses are not lawful and deleting high-risk/high-value data.

But, while anonymisation and consent looked good on the surface, they had numerous limitations that businesses kept running into; enclave-based processing was not scalable; and deleting the data prevented valuable insights from ever being discovered.

So, we asked two key questions:

  • Utility: What If the value of data exceeded the value of core business?
  • Protection: What If new laws started to curtail the unrestricted flow, collection and use of data?

OUR THESIS: Increasing volume, velocity and variety of data would require:

  • Utility: Data in-use would need to be controlled at a fine-grain level to maximize value and accuracy of data for repurposing, sharing and combining.
  • Protection: New laws would require enhanced technical controls due to limitations of consent-based data processing for repurposing, sharing and combining.

WHAT HAPPENED: The GDPR was adopted, dozens of other countries and states began adopting “GDPR-like laws” and companies are now waking up to the fact that essentially all data is now regulated requiring new fine-grain technical controls to lawfully repurpose, share and combine data.

The Anonos BigPrivacy solution allows companies to continue to innovate, while complying with regulations such as the GDPR and other evolving data privacy laws.

By using regulation as a competitive advantage, companies can continue to maximise data value and innovate in compliance with evolving regulations.

Anonos’ patented state-of-the-art, enterprise-grade BigPrivacy Pseudonymisation technology resolves the tug-of-war between data utility and privacy protection. Anonos is the new state-of-the art in data enablement and protection technology that leverages Pseudonymisation to maximise innovation from high-utility distributed data processing, sharing and combining.

We have developed a patent portfolio around ”DYNAMISM” because traditional data protection techniques are based on static identifiers. Anonos’ patented state-of-the-art, enterprise-grade BigPrivacy Pseudonymisation technology dynamically embeds and enforces policies at the data element level so that the most valuable and most risky data can be lawfully repurposed, shared and combined.

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