How Anonos Works:
Centralized Data Protection Controls for Decentralized Uses

Presentation Transcript
Organisations need speed to insight to compete in today’s uncertain business environment. This means that you must collect, use and share data in a more efficient, faster, and more focused way, with an entirely different approach than ever before.
The dark blue circles on the left represent parties holding data. Each party’s data is protected by its own centralized data protection controls. The Data User is protected from risk.
However, none of these parties are sharing data with each other. So, if one party has defective controls, it does not affect other parties since there are no links between them.

But if a Third Party receives data from the external party with defective controls, that Third Party is now exposed to potential liability and disruption of operations.
If that Third Party then shares data with the Data User, the Data User is now also exposed to potential liability and disruption.
Decentralized data protection technology from Anonos is specifically designed for this situation, and insulates the Data User from these risks.
If the Third Party wants to use the results of processing by the Data User to relink to source data, Anonos technology also insulates the Third Party from potential liability and disruption of operations in the other direction.
Anonos patented decentralized data protection technology enables businesses to achieve desired outcomes with confidence, by protecting entire data ecosystems in both directions.
Contact us to find out how you can achieve desired business outcomes by reducing the risk of liability and disruption to your operations when sharing and combining data with other parties.

Are you facing any of these 4 problems with data?

You need a solution that removes the impediments to achieving speed to insight, lawfully & ethically

to Insight
Are you unable to get desired business outcomes from your data within critical time frames? 53% of CDOs cannot achieve their desired uses of data. Are you one of them?
Lack of
Do you have trouble getting access to the third-party data that you need to maximise the value of your data assets? Are third-parties and partners you work with worried about liability, or disruption of their operations?
Inability to
Are you unable to process data due to limitations imposed by internal or external parties? Do they have concerns about your ability to control data use, sharing or combining?
Are you unable to defend the lawfulness of your current data processing activities, or data processing you have done in the past?
Traditional privacy technologies focus on protecting data by putting it in “cages,” “containers,” or limiting use to centralised processing only. This limitation is done without considering the context of what the desired data use will be, including decentralised data sharing and combining. These approaches are based on decades-old, limited-use perspectives on data protection that severely minimise the kinds of data uses that remain available after controls have been applied. On the other hand, many other new data-use technologies focus on delivering desired business outcomes without considering that roadblocks may exist, such as those noted in the four problems above.
Anonos technology allows data to be accessed and processed in line with desired business outcomes (including sharing and combining data) with full awareness of, and the ability to remove, potential roadblocks.