Anonos software preserves full data utility and protects data while in use to enable lawful, decentralised data processing across multiple use cases.

Our GDPR-compliant Pseudonymisation and state-of-the-art enhancements embed granular technical controls into your data that flow with the data. 

Approaches to Data Enablement: Bathtub vs. Ocean
Limited Data Use
Anonymisation Techniques are limited data use solutions that do not support large scale decentralised processing, require control over the ecosystem (like a “bathtub”) and degrade value.
  • Generalisation, Perturbation & Suppression
  • Hashing / Static Tokenisation
  • Differential Privacy
  • Synthetic Data
  • Homomorphic Encryption
Expansive Data Use
Anonos Variant Twins enable expansive data use in decentralised ecosystems (like an “open ocean) with 100% accuracy and value.

Our GDPR-compliant Pseudonymisation and state-of-the-art enhancements embed granular technical controls into your data that flow with the data across multiple use cases, enabling Functional Separation for speed to insight, lawfully and ethically.

Anonos delivers the data utility your customers, users, and partners require and the confidence that protection for data while in use provides, so that you can:

  • Access desired data sources;
  • Process data to deliver desired business outcomes; and
  • Defend historic data uses that are no longer possible without use-case specific controls.

Our solution delivers speed to insight lawfully to enable value-maximizing data use in complex, distributed and shared processing environments.

Choose the Best Solution For Your Data Strategy
“Bathtub” approaches have architectural limitations
how anonos unlocks data

Maximise the Lawful Value of Your Data

New state-of-the-art GDPR Pseudonymisation-enabled Functional Separation technology from Anonos supports distributed processing of protected versions of data – producing results as accurate as processing unprotected cleartext versions of personal data – to enable ethical & lawful data analytics, AI, ML, sharing and combining.
I would like to repurpose my data to lawfully…
Current state of data use

Is Your Data Locked Up?

PROBLEM: Most companies are now realising that they cannot repurpose data in the ways that they want to maximize value. This puts them in a difficult position: to gain a competitive edge, or even to compete in their industry at all, repurposing of data is not only important, but in many cases necessary.

STATS: A recent study revealed that 90% of Chief Data Officers (CDOs) are currently repurposing data or plan to, but within the last 6 months 53% have been told that their organisation cannot use the data in the ways that they want to. Now that the GDPR is in effect, companies can, in many cases, no longer rely on the processing grounds of consent and contract when they want to repurpose data or use data with Big Data analytics, ML, and AI.
400+ Chief Data Officers said:
Currently, or plan to, REPURPOSE data
Have been told NO, they CANNOT make desired use of data
400+ CDO’s across Europe from Global Multinational companies at FIMA Nov 2019
SOLUTION: A different legal ground for processing called “Legitimate Interests” also has its natural place in the data ecosystem, but it requires new technical controls to be in place. Traditional data protection methods such as anonymisation leave personal data open to re-identification, which exposes you to GDPR non-compliance risks. If you haven’t been told “NO” yet, make sure to read up on the Mosaic Effect at to check your data risk of re-identification. If you have been told “NO,” Anonos BigPrivacy Pseudonymisation might turn that into a “YES.”
Validated by Top 10 Global Bank
Lawful Repurposing
For Analytics, AI, ML and Data Sharing
Anonos delivers the highest value for lawful data use.
Anonos use case with Top 10 Global Bank validated that Pseudonymised Variant Twins deliver the same results in machine learning applications as clear-text source data.
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