Overcome obstacles to enterprise data use

With Data Embassy’s full-spectrum data protection, you can create more value with less risk. Start with synthetic data today. Add other data privacy capabilities tomorrow or whenever you need them.

Protect your sensitive data in every environment
Optimize your data assets with Anonos Data Embassy software, ensuring privacy and security everywhere your data travels. Anonos technology enables your data and legal/privacy teams to streamline approvals by tailoring protection levels for every use case, from testing to cloud sharing to AI. Harness insights from your sensitive data without compromising privacy, security, accuracy, or speed.
With and without Anonos
Free Up Your Data for AI Use Without Risk
Use Anonos technology to Leverage GenAI & LLMs Compliantly
75% of organizations worldwide are implementing or considering bans on generative AI tools.

Anonos Prompt Protector enables compliant generative AI projects without diminishing data quality, even in untrustred environments.

Expand and expedite data-driven initiatives for insights to fuel successful outcomes
Revenue growth
Revenue growth
Customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction
Product innovation
Product innovation
Operational efficiency
Operational efficiency
Competitive differentiation
Competitive differentiation
Reduced costs
Reduced costs
Eliminate the usual conflicts and compromises to create faster data value
We know how complicated the regulatory red tape is and how frustrating the tradeoffs between data protection and utility are. That’s why we invested more than a decade to develop and patent new technology that satisfies legal and compliance requirements, plus fills the gaps left by traditional data privacy and security measures. We applied our deep legal and data management expertise to build a framework organizations use to mitigate risks while expanding data processing opportunities to accelerate value creation.
Data Users
Access compliant and accurate data faster to complete more projects.
Data Protection Team
Protection Team
Approve more data to use in more key projects with less work and lower risk.
Data Architecture Team
IT & Data Architecture Teams
Integrate centralized data protection for decentralized processing within existing ecosystems.
Data Embassy® is your passport to data protection everywhere, without borders
Data Embassy® is your passport to data protection everywhere, without borders
Data Embassy is enterprise data privacy, security and enablement software that uses a combination of techniques, including Synthetic Data and Statutory Pseudonymization, to digitize and enforce data protection policies outside controlled perimeters. Even the most sensitive data can be protected and therefore operationalized beyond technological and geographical borders. Lawful variations of source data are configured and deployed quickly, based on digitized policies that control the level of identifying information revealed for a specific use case. The protected outputs, called Variant Twins®, can travel safely and quickly across departments or around the globe because of the technical safeguards programmed within them.
Anonos enables us to eliminate a data retention limitation of 30 days, increasing the value of our data assets by 2X. Other use cases further increased value by orders of magnitude. Chief Data Architect, Digital Media Company
Compliance with Schrems II and GDPR requirements allows lawful data sharing with third parties and partners. Group Data Protection Officer, European Vehicle Remarketer
The Anonos team delivered exactly what they said the Variant Twin technology would achieve. Head of Data Ecosystem, Pharmaceutical Company
For use cases that require real data as opposed to Synthetic Data, Anonos offers a Data Embassy Quick Start. This program is designed to demonstrate how the software preserves not only privacy but also utility and 100% accuracy. We’re so confident in the software’s capabilities that we will put an accuracy guarantee in writing. If Data Embassy doesn’t deliver 100% accurate results compared to equivalent cleartext, we’ll refund our Quick Start fees.
Anonos Accuracy Anonos Accuracy
If your organization is on a journey of innovation, modernization or digital transformation, Anonos’ Data Embassy platform will help you drive those initiatives with safe data.
Let’s get going! Complete the form, so we can schedule a briefing about solving your current data protection and approval challenges. We’ll also show you how to scale the platform to achieve results faster without sacrificing accuracy, a promise no other data privacy and security company can keep.
NOTICE: By clicking the “Submit Briefing Request” button above to submit this form, you provide explicit consent for Anonos and subsidiaries of Anonos to process the information you provide, including your name and email address: (i) to deliver the briefing to you; (ii) to provide related information to you; and (iii) via transfer and processing occurring outside of the European Economic Area, including within the USA; all in accordance with the terms of Anonos’ privacy policy available at anonos.com/privacy. If you do not wish to submit your information to Anonos for the processing explicitly authorized above, you should not submit this form. You may also contact Anonos at dpo@anonos.com with any questions.
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