You no longer have to choose between reducing risk or increasing data utility.

Anonos offers a single solution that minimizes risk and maximizes the utility of data globally.
Achieve 16X ROI with 100% accuracy for analytics, machine learning & AI by minimizing re-identification risk.
Win the tug of war over lawful use of personal data
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Requiring a choice between reducing risk and increasing utility creates conflicts between the different areas of your business, Anonos Variant Twin technology provides a single solution that reconciles the conflict by reducing risk while increasing utility.
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Anonos is cool because its patented technology creates re-linkable non-identifying personalized data called Variant Twins that enable compliant analytics, ML, AI and data sharing Quote
Maximising Utility
Anonos Variant Twins ensure that your data is fully protected but still 100% usable and accurate.

Your data can be shared, combined, and processed for global analytics, machine learning & AI.
Minimising Risk
The protection travels with the data no matter where the data goes. Therefore, the value, accuracy, and speed are never compromised.

The data is future-proofed for changes in corporate policies and data protection regulations as more countries and companies implement stricter data privacy policies to protect your data when in use.
Anonos Variant Twins Deliver:
Anonos Variant Twins Deliver
Case Studies
Supply Chain OEM
European Bank
Pharma Firm
Web Media
Anonos Variant Twin technology solves nearly 100% of XYZ’s Schrems II data transfer issues while expanding business opportunities
XYZ’s Group Data Protection Officer says Anonos software “does what it says on the tin.”
XYZ, a major automobile supply chain OEM, was required by one of their largest suppliers to implement an international data transfer solution in compliance with Schrems II and other EU data protection requirements. Without this, the company could no longer be part of the supplier’s data supply chain. XYZ could no longer rely on existing non-compliant technology or use cloud solutions without effective supplementary technical controls.
Anonos’ Data Embassy platform digitizes policies and embeds the required protection into the data, resulting in data that is protected “when in use”, wherever it travels. The Data Embassy technology immediately provides compliance with Schrems II and GDPR requirements, allowing XYZ and their suppliers’ data to flow freely between the parties.
XYZ, a major automobile supply chain OEM, was required by one of their largest suppliers to implement an international data transfer solution in compliance with Schrems II and other EU data protection requirements. Without this, the company could no longer be part of the supplier’s data supply chain. XYZ could no longer rely on existing non-compliant technology or use cloud solutions without effective supplementary technical controls.
ABC Bank solved over 80% of their desired data sharing use cases by using Anonos Variant Twin technology and plans to double their use cases over the next 12 months.
With Anonos technology, we can maximize the information and benefit out of our data with full compliance with all regulations, especially GDPR. Head of IT Digitalization Data Management at ABC Bank
ABC Bank - a large European bank - collects a large amount of personal data from its customers throughout the normal course of business. It wanted to develop new account models for retail and corporate customers to create new revenue streams. However, it did not have the data protection tools in place to establish a lawful basis to repurpose the collected data for advanced analytics to support the development of the new models.
Anonos’ Data Embassy solution applies its Variant Twin technology to establish the controls and protections that enable ABC Bank to lawfully transform its valuable data into protected, non-identifying data for secondary uses. This allows the lawful creation of new business models and advanced analytics, which in turn enables new business opportunities.
ABC Bank can now deliver the highest level of innovation to its customers and protect their fundamental right to privacy without compromise. It’s a win-win for ABC Bank and their customers. Proactively developing new account models with their larger clients is driving up-sell and retention models - both are two strategic KPIs for the bank.
Anonos technology enables XYZ Pharmaceutical to unlock 100’s of new data use cases globally, that otherwise would not have been possible.
XYZ Pharmaceutical’s Head of Data Ecosystems stated that the Anonos team and Variant Twin technology deliver exactly what they said it would achieve.
XYZ Pharmaceutical has a 9-digit dollar data asset, the value of which was locked up. Anonos’ technology enables them to realize the value of this asset plus increase its value 3x with a goal of speeding up innovation and improving accuracy. Before Anonos, they came up against three critical challenges:

  • It would take 4+ months to get each data project approved due to the internal red tape involved with working with personal health data.
  • They were using synthetic data and old, traditional de-identification methods, which were delivering no greater than a 70% accuracy relative to processing clear text.
  • Historically, they haven't been able to make this data asset accessible to 3rd parties. With the right controls they can now bring 3rd party AI & ML partners into their data to speed up innovation
Anonos’ Data Embassy technology embeds privacy policies directly into the data. This means that the data does not need to go to an outside source for a lengthy expert-determination analysis for a one-time use. With Anonos Data Embassy technology as part of the XYZ Pharmaceutical data ecosystem, the data is lawful and borderless from the start, is available for numerous analytics applications, and compliance with strict industry GxP requirements.
With Anonos, XYZ Pharmaceutical has achieved the trifecta of speed, accuracy and control. Anonos enables XYZ Pharmaceutical to speed up data project approvals from 4+ months to 4 days (estimated savings of $2m per year in people costs and external costs with the prospect of tens of millions of value in data asset expansion). The data delivers 100% accuracy relative to processing cleartext (up from 70%) and XYZ Pharmaceutical has effective technical controls in their data ecosystem that enforce privacy policies - enabling them to share this data both inside and outside of the organization. Anonos technology accelerates innovation, product development and clinical trial partnerships.
Anonos technology enables the launch of ABC data services that would not otherwise be possible due to regulatory and internal risk and compliance concerns.
ABC’s Chief Data Architect says Anonos technology enables us to commercially exploit data assets to move beyond powering their internal data ecosystem, to creating a new global data economic model.
ABC’s privacy legal team could not find technology that enables portability, protection, and analytical value, resulting in the pursuit of only a limited number of commercial projects due to the high risk. They need the ability to unlock restricted and sensitive data that is the most valuable for analytics, combining and data sharing globally.
Anonos Data Embassy technology embeds ABC’s privacy policies into the data, dramatically increasing the number of lawful commercial opportunities and reconciling portability, protection and analysis.
ABC can now expand beyond current advertising revenues to capture new revenues from global data sharing and data monetization opportunities. As one of the largest data processors in the world, ABC processes exabytes of data. The ability of Anonos to protect data volumes of this scale opens up new global opportunities not available using traditional data protection techniques.
Anonos’ technology allows for re-linkable non-identifying personalized data and shows how advances in technology makes our ability to leverage data for better outcomes plausible today.Quote Arrow
The added value from the Anonos solution is that we can share insights with intergroup entities, by only sharing the insights and not the identity behind the insights. This allows innovative cooperation, and no problems with the GDPR.Quote Arrow
We believe Anonos is well-positioned with its state-of the-art pseudonymisation capabilities and granular protection control settings to capitalize on demand for privacy-preserving data analytics.Quote Arrow
Anonos technology enables technical enforcement of policies to break apart the silos that plague companies, allowing knowledge transfer in a privacy-respectful yet information-rich manner.Quote Arrow
Anonos is more than GDPR compliance technology. It engineers privacy into solutions to enable lawful analytics and big data.Quote Arrow