Reimagine the Client Journey

How do I lawfully acquire, grow, and retain my clients more efficiently?

Client and customer relationships are taking place more and more online, and with data-driven decisions forming a larger part of both relationship strategy, and strategies clients are using themselves.

Anonos technology allows you to reimagine the client journey completely, adding value through new data assets that are portable, shareable, and high utility for maximum benefits for you and your clients.

Many privacy-protection and de-identification technologies play into the common trade-off of protection vs utility, but with Anonos Variant Twins this doesn’t need to be the case. Avoiding business disruption and gaining value from data are equally valid goals, which can be balanced seamlessly with protection using embedded controls.

Variant Twin data assets help you and your clients to:

  • Enable sharing and combining of data
  • Understand what the next best action would be for your clients, through data partnerships and protecting data in-use outside of your organisation
  • Create innovative client acquisition programs through data collaboration
  • Use probabilistic matching processes to understand the opportunity in data partnerships
  • Mitigate the risk from personal data in third party + alternative data sources
  • Increase utility from third party + alternative data sources
  • Huge reductions in time and cost associated with data sharing
  • Protecting against operational disruption stemming from opt-out