How do I make quicker and better decisions across my business portfolio?

In the post-COVID-19 world, fast-moving and high quality business strategy is critical. Without acceleration in data analytics, machine learning and AI processes dealing with Big Data, businesses can quickly fall behind. Quicker and better decisions across the entire business portfolio, without sacrificing compliance, are a crucial step in the process of digital transformation.

Anonos enables business analytics in a more expansive, globally-focused way, than any other vendor in the marketplace for de-identification solutions.

Many other solutions offer de-identification tools, but de-identification is only useful in a corporate or organizational setting if the solution can protect data while in use. In addition, any technology must not inhibit business strategy in the process.

With Anonos, you can create a compliant, accurate, and portable data asset known as a Variant Twin, providing unparalleled accuracy, utility, and analytics potential for data in use, while remaining GDPR and CCPA compliant.

The Variant Twin asset is a protected version of your original data, with embedded protections that separate information value from identity. This means that:

  • Data from the entire enterprise is available for AI, BI, or ML applications
  • Your central analytics team can work with data sourced globally
  • Data can be made available to external partners and experts
  • Your Privacy Impact Assessment processes are streamlined
  • Both batch and streaming data are protected, covering more use cases
  • Analytics processes are fast, accurate, and high utility, while remaining lawful