Enabling Secure and Efficient
Generative AI & LLMs

Anonos streamlines risk-free and functional generative AI use
for daily business operations.

Enable Enterprise Adoption and Use of AI
Artificial Intelligence stands on the cusp of global adoption, promising unrivaled business transformation. Yet, AI privacy concerns challenge its potential.
To safeguard sensitive data, AI solutions must provide robust LLM prompt protection, guard against reputational risks from data mishandling, and offer globally compliant, auditable risk management.
Introducing Anonos
Anonos’ technology and global patent portfolio digitize and technologically enforce privacy and security policies, addressing AI privacy concerns and enabling companies to utilize generative AI solutions safely.

Even in untrusted environments, Anonos guarantees your trade secrets, sensitive customer data, and reputation are protected while adhering to the highest privacy standards.
Introducing Anonos Data Embassy
Enhance Your Generative AI Initiatives
Build a compliant and performant LLM
Incorporate Anonos as an OEM technology, below or behind Large Language Models (LLMs) to ensure adherence to AI data privacy regulations.
Privacy proxy between third party products
Third-party vendors often shift regulatory compliance to customers. Anonos APIs act as a privacy proxy between the vendor's platform, ensuring compliance.
Develop LLMs from data lakes, warehouses
Your DataOps team makes a call through Anonos APIs during transfer, so that the data is used in de-identified form for privacy-compliant results.
Incorporate ChatGPT safely in daily work
When employees use ChatGPT or similar LLMs in browsers, the Anonos application transforms data before it reaches the internet, protecting sensitive enterprise information.
Embed privacy protections in browsers
Many extensions lack security protocols. Our roadmap involves embedding Anonos capabilities in browsers, similar to today's SSL integration.
Robust LLM Protection & High Utility
While data masking or tokenization force a compromise between data utility and security, Anonos combines patented dynamism (using different deterministic tokens for different use cases) and controlled relinkability (restricting the ability to restore tokens to cleartext or to relink them to identity) for robust data protection that preserves utility, even in untrusted environments.
Robust LLM Protection & High Utility
Smooth Journey to AI Insights
Smooth Journey to AI Insights
Digitize and implement privacy policies with adaptable design rules. Ensure effortless integration with major data platforms such as AWS, Databricks, Snowflake, and more.
Lawful AI Processing & Reputational Security
Ensure global legal compliance and align with emerging AI regulations with a strong, measurable, and clearly auditable data protection.
Lawful AI Processing & Reputational Security
Embedded data protection in untrusted environments
Embedded Data Protection in Untrusted Environments
Gain control over how your data is processed within generative AI and LLMs. With Anonos' embedded privacy controls, companies can confidently safeguard their data wherever it travels.
Anonos has an innovative and patented Variant Twin technology solution, proactively securing data wherever it travels, which is essential for controlling data privacy risk in cloud migration and data sharing projects.
Stewart Bond, Research VP
Anonos is cool because its patented technology creates re-linkable non-identifying personalized data called Variant Twins that enable compliant analytics, machine learning, AI and data sharing.
Gartner Cool Vendor Award
Anonos helps joint customers accelerate their outcomes with data in a safe, effective and defensible way via methods such as pseudonymization of data and synthetic datasets for use cases like artificial intelligence and machine learning analytics.
Paige Bartley
451 Research
Benefits of Using Anonos Technology
Without Anonos
cyber security
Privacy risks make many desired use cases illegal
no stopping
Many decentralized use cases are no longer possible
Archaic privacy tools with poor user experience and poor data protection/utility
With Anonos
secure shield
Lawful desired use cases
up and down arrows
Centralized & decentralized uses
cyber security
100% utility
Discover How Anonos Enables Secure AI Development & Use
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