IDC Report

The IDC report - Anonos: Embedding Privacy and Trust into Data Analytics through Pseudonymisation highlights that:

  • Concerns over potential privacy violations and the prioritization of locking data down through security measures has mistakenly led many organizations to forego the benefits of data insight.
  • It need not be an either/or choice since dynamic pseudonymisation organizations can achieve both.
  • Anonos technology is poised to tackle the many new challenges of the digital transformation revolution, with state-of-the-art technology that pushes the boundaries of how we gain value from data.
  • In a globally-connected world focused on data sharing, AI, ML and Big Data, Anonos BigPrivacy allows a future in which both de-identification, and data asset maximisation, are enabled.

There is a way forward: Anonos is hailed in this IDC Report as “an innovator and technology leader,” well-placed to assist with resolving the tension between organisations desiring both data privacy and data analytics.

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You no longer have to choose between utility and protection, or business vs. legal. With Anonos, your digital transformation plans can finally move forward – seamlessly, globally, and lawfully.
A survey of 400+ Chief Data Officers found that:
Had digital transformation plans with their data
Had projects stopped due to privacy risk concerns
Agreed that Anonos’ embedded controls could lawfully enable these projects