September 17, 2019

Data Privacy Firm Anonos to Emphasize Data Stewardship at International Privacy Event

Pseudonymisation Expert Gary LaFever Keynotes GDPR Implementation Panel at Bitkom Privacy Conference

BERLIN, Sept. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Anonos, industry pioneer in data privacy compliance and enablement, announced today that the company will be presenting at the 5th annual Bitkom Privacy Conference. Anonos Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer Gary LaFever will Keynote a panel entitled "How Can Pseudonymisation Enable Compliant Data Sharing Initiatives," where he will discuss how modern pseudonymisation technology enables compliant data sharing under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The event will take place today at 15:30 CEST.

LaFever will speak to the challenges of integrating data minimization, purpose limitation, and functional separation protocols within corporate data security objectives, as well as the increasing extent to which broader, industrywide privacy-related practices require legal and regulatory guidance.

The Bitkom Privacy Conference, which attracts hundreds of data protection professionals from around the globe each year, offers technologists, policymakers, and legal specialists the opportunity to examine best practices in global cybersecurity compliance and review the potential impacts of new legislation such as the EU's upcoming e-Privacy Regulation directive.

"Whether its ensuring markets are effectively prepared to deal with cyberattacks or ensuring supervisory authorities can interpret and control the new data privacy requirements in practice, practitioners in the field are still working to ensure that the sourcing, curation, combination, and sharing of data can be conducted in a legally compliant and societally beneficial manner," said Gary LaFever, Anonos Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer. "Exploring the role of pseudonymisation in balancing secure data processing with effective data maximization at this year's Bitkom Privacy Conference serves as a critical next step for ensuring effective GDPR adherence for data holders across the globe.

About Anonos

Anonos technology reconciles conflicts between protecting the rights of individuals and achieving business and societal objectives to use, share, combine and relink data in a compliant manner. Anonos' patented dynamic pseudonymisation, de-identification and anonymisation technology enables sharing, collaboration, and analytics of personal data by technologically enforcing dynamic, fine-grained privacy, security and data protection policies in compliance with the GDPR and other evolving regulations. BigPrivacy overcomes the shortcoming of other solutions that were "good enough" before the GDPR but fail to support new requirements for compliant Big Data Analytics & AI.

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Traditional privacy technologies focus on protecting data by putting it in “cages,” “containers,” or limiting use to centralised processing only. This limitation is done without considering the context of what the desired data use will be, including decentralised data sharing and combining. These approaches are based on decades-old, limited-use perspectives on data protection that severely minimise the kinds of data uses that remain available after controls have been applied. On the other hand, many other new data-use technologies focus on delivering desired business outcomes without considering that roadblocks may exist, such as those noted in the four problems above.
Anonos technology allows data to be accessed and processed in line with desired business outcomes (including sharing and combining data) with full awareness of, and the ability to remove, potential roadblocks.