Don't lose access to Data Analytics Under the GDPR - Webinar with EU Regulator

Misconceptions, Challenges and Opportunities
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Gwendal Le Grand

Gwendal Le Grand

Director of Technology and Innovation at the CNIL

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Jules Polonetsky

Jules Polonetsky

Chief Executive Officer at the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF)

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Gary LaFever

Gary LaFever

CEO at Anonos and Former Partner at Hogan Lovells

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 Topics covered include:

  1. Alternate (non consent) legal bases for data analytics
  2. The absence of any “grandfather provision” or “exemption” enabling the use of noncompliant historical data
  3. How data controllers/processors may be excluded from obligations for data subject rights of access, rectification, erasure, etc. if not able to re-link data to individuals
  4. Impacts of obligations to publicize legal bases, data retention and deletion policies