February 4, 2020

Anonos to deliver keynote speech on Pseudonymisation at PrivSec London 2020

New '5th Cookie' industry-group plans also set to be announced

LONDON, Feb. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- An industry discussion on pseudonymisation is set to lead the agenda on day two of PrivSec London 2020 this week. Magali Feys, Chief Strategist - Ethical Data Use at Anonos®, the leading data privacy and enablement technology provider, is set to deliver a keynote speech on Wednesday 5th February 2020 titled: It Is Possible: Maximising Data Value, Privacy & Security with Pseudonymisation.

The GDPR highlights newly defined pseudonymisation, as a recommended technical safeguard to improve privacy and security. Legally defined for the first time at the EU level in the GDPR, pseudonymisation creates a heightened new standard relative to past practices and is now an established legal standard that allows all sides to 'win' by balancing data protection and innovation. When coupled with proper legitimate interest assessments, pseudonymisation, expands the potential uses of personal data beyond those relying on consent alone.

Feys will also participate on a panel titled Data Protection and Ethics in Marketing and Advertising on day one of the event. The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), along with other data protection authorities, have put the AdTech industry on notice that numerous digital marketing and advertising practices (e.g. real-time-bidding) violate GDPR requirements (e.g. obligations for valid legal basis, data minimisation, purpose limitation and transparency) and have announced plans to penalise non-compliant parties.

The Google 'Walled Garden' approach and the IAB 'improved contracts' approach have emerged as two potential alternatives. However, critics including Dr. Johnny Ryan of Brave note that these approaches do not address concerns raised by the ICO and others, around areas including shortcomings in valid legal basis, data minimisation, purpose limitation and transparency.

Feys will provide an overview of an alternative solution following the recent launch of a new industry working group, the '5th Cookie'. Formed by Anonos®, Acxiom®, the data and technology foundation for the world's best marketers; and the Information Accountability Foundation (IAF), the preeminent global information policy think tank. The 5th Cookie initiative proposes embracing pseudonymisation-enabled technical safeguards as a means to address the shortcomings of alternative approaches.

Also at PrivSec London 2020, Gerry Rankin, Global Head of Privacy Risk Management, will participate in a panel on day two titled: DPOs and CISOs: Creating Better Collaboration Between Two Silos. He will focus on his perspective of having worked at HSBC on behalf of the Group CDO & Group Legal Data Privacy to bridge the needs of the expanding data analytics user base  with the objectives of the data protection and data security communities.

This will include a discussion about the extension of techniques  that are needed to protect data when at rest and in transit via authentication controls (Security) and the need to protect data while in use via authorisation controls (Privacy). This is where new GDPR principles of Pseudonymisation and Data Protection by Design and by Default can be helpful to bridge the data protection requirements across these silos.

For more information on the 5th Cookie initiative and working group visit https://www.anonos.com/5thcookie/ 

About Anonos:
Anonos enables lawful analytics, AI and ML that preserves 100% of data accuracy while expanding opportunities to ethically share and combine data. Anonos Pseudonymisation and Data Protection by Design & by Default technology reconciles conflicts between protecting the rights of individuals and achieving business and societal objectives to use, share, combine and relink data in a lawful manner. Anonos patented Variant Twins® enable sharing, collaboration, and analytics of personal data by technologically enforcing dynamic, fine-grained privacy, security and data protection policies in compliance with the GDPR, CCPA and other evolving data privacy regulations. https://www.anonos.com

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