May 22, 2019

Anonos BigPrivacy Technology Enables Innovation By Leveraging GDPR Compliant Fair Trade Data

Gerry Rankin, Global Head of Privacy Risk Management at Anonos Presents Keynote on "Fair Trade Data for Innovation"

LUXEMBOURG, May 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Anonos, announced today that Gerry Rankin, Anonos Global Head of Privacy Risk Management, is presenting the keynote speech on "Fair Trade Data for Innovation" at the The European Data Privacy Congress at the Halle des Poches à Fonte, Avenue du Rock'n'Roll / Avenue des Hauts Fourneaux, L-4061 ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE, Luxembourg.

On the one year anniversary of the GDPR going into effect, The European Data Privacy Congress is taking a critical look at which data protection strategies are working as we seek to enable joint development of constructive proposals for solutions designed to address the personal data processing challenges posed by the GDPR.

The keynote address delivered by Gerry Rankin will demonstrate how global companies and regulators can come together to adopt standards and technology that enable ongoing innovation that remains in compliance with new GDPR requirements by adopting a "Fair Trade Data" standard.

Fair Trade Data is data that has embedded, technically-enforced, granular privacy controls to eliminate the risk of "conflict data", i.e. liberated data for permitted use, including the following:

  • Transparency and accountability of data possession and processing
  • Ethical testing of the intended use
  • Management and awareness of biases within the data supply chain
  • Data governance for data provenance
  • Privacy respectful de-linking/de-Identifying/controlled re-linkability of data
  • GDPR Compliant Legitimate Interest Lawful Data Processing

"Technically-enforced, granular privacy controls like those embedded in Fair Trade Data enable functional separation of information value from identity to enable the discovery of trends and correlations independent from applying the insights gained to the data subjects concerned," said Gerry Rankin. "Functional separation is critical to defeating unauthorized reidentification of data subjects to enable compliant multi-use case and decentralized processing which are critical for ongoing innovation."

Anonos recently announced its unique "SaveYourData" technology which helps companies that rely on data establish a new legal basis for historic pre-GDPR data through their patented dynamic Pseudonymisation technology.

Anonos Revolutionary BigPrivacy Technology:

  • Maximizes the business value of analytics, AI and machine learning;
  • Delivers the highest data fidelity, accuracy, portability and context; and
  • Enables legal compliance with evolving data privacy laws.

Media Contact:
Nick Horowitz
Senior Director
Waxman Strategies


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Are you facing any of these 4 problems with data?

You need a solution that removes the impediments to achieving speed to insight, lawfully & ethically

to Insight
Are you unable to get desired business outcomes from your data within critical time frames? 53% of CDOs cannot achieve their desired uses of data. Are you one of them?
Lack of
Do you have trouble getting access to the third-party data that you need to maximise the value of your data assets? Are third-parties and partners you work with worried about liability, or disruption of their operations?
Inability to
Are you unable to process data due to limitations imposed by internal or external parties? Do they have concerns about your ability to control data use, sharing or combining?
Are you unable to defend the lawfulness of your current data processing activities, or data processing you have done in the past?
Traditional privacy technologies focus on protecting data by putting it in “cages,” “containers,” or limiting use to centralised processing only. This limitation is done without considering the context of what the desired data use will be, including decentralised data sharing and combining. These approaches are based on decades-old, limited-use perspectives on data protection that severely minimise the kinds of data uses that remain available after controls have been applied. On the other hand, many other new data-use technologies focus on delivering desired business outcomes without considering that roadblocks may exist, such as those noted in the four problems above.
Anonos technology allows data to be accessed and processed in line with desired business outcomes (including sharing and combining data) with full awareness of, and the ability to remove, potential roadblocks.